About Us

The Conococheague Stainless LLC line of equipment for milk processing and cheese making operations is engineered and designed for the small to mid-sized dairy processor and artisan cheese makers. With input from cheese makers and other food processing experts, we have been able to offer a line of pasteurization, bottle filling, cup filling, and cheese making equipment that is user friendly and efficient.

Conococheague Stainless LLC milk processing and cheese making equipment is built in Pennsylvania and Maryland by high quality stainless steel shops. The Conococheague Stainless LLC brand is all about high quality while maintaining affordability for the artisan cheese makers, small bottling plants, and other farmstead food processing ventures.

After disappointing experiences with some of the new equipment that is available, along with the scarcity of small-scale used equipment, we began developing new equipment items in 2004 specifically designed for the farmstead cheese makers and milk bottlers of today. Conococheague Stainless LLC equipment works well for sheep and goat milk processing and cheese making, as well as for larger farmstead processors. Conococheague Stainless LLC equipment is designed to bridge the gap between the counter top equipment for your kitchen and the large-scale equipment available for the big commercial processing plants.

Conococheague Stainless LLC equipment is guaranteed to meet state and local regulations and the PMO. We understand the demands of food processing. Check out our product line. You'll be happy with the quality and performance of our equipment.

Conococheague Stainless LLC equipment is marketed by Conococheague Stainless LLC of Hagerstown, MD. In addition to a quality line of equipment, we offer design information to folks who are considering milk bottling, yogurt production, ice cream production, cheese making, and other types of food processing. Check out the information section on this website to help you as you plan. When you are ready to know more, contact us for further information and help.
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