Crate Washer

Crate Washer

Inside a crate washer

The C-Stainless crate washer is an efficient, flexible solution for cleaning dirty crates. It has a two-tank design, with separate heating jackets and spray nozzles for each tank. This allows you to run your crates through two cleaning cycles for complete cleaning.

Maintenance is simple – the nozzles are easy to remove for cleaning, and the two top lids give you complete access to the inside of the crate washer.


  • Two-tank washing system gives you more cleaning options
  • Nozzles wash the crate from all sides
  • Cleaning solution is easily added to each water tank
  • Separate heating jacket for each tank allows you to heat wash water the way you want
  • Water filters reduce nozzle jamming
  • Removable top lids for maintenance
  • Available in push-through and conveyor models


  • Stainless steel piping


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