Ice Builders

Ice builder

Cross-section of coolant tube

C-Stainless ice builders are a versatile cooling option for your processing plant.  They work well for cooling milk after vat pasteurization, cooling plate packs, and cooling ice cream tanks.

How an ice builder works

An ice builder is a large water tank with cooling pipes running through it. A compressor pumps cold refrigerant through the pipes, causing ice to accumulate on the pipes. This ice chills the water in the tank.

The cold water is then available for cooling in your plant. As the cold water is used, it becomes warm. When this water returns to the ice builder, it depletes the supply of ice. Because of this, an ice builder needs downtime to rebuild its ice bank. The downtime will vary depending on your processing environment.

Choosing an ice builder or a chiller for your cooling needs

Ice builders and chillers are two different cooling solutions for a processing plant. To decide which to buy, you’ll have to consider your specific needs. Chillers work well if you need a steady amount of cooling over a long period of time. Ice builders work best if you need large amounts of cooling at specific times during the day. Here are some more factors to consider:

  • Chillers consume a lot of power.  If you’re on a peak meter for electricity, the power company will bill you as if the chiller were running all day long.
  • You may need to install new electrical service in your building to handle the power needs of a chiller.  Otherwise, you could experience brownouts while the chiller is running.
  • Ice builders will be constantly rebuilding the ice bank while in use.  This can take time, and works best if you need cooling off and on throughout the day.
  • Ice builders can rebuild ice during the night, while you’re not processing.
  • Ice builders and chillers are for cooling while processing.  Walk-in coolers and freezers are cooled separately.


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