Vat Pasteurizers

Vat Pasteurizer

Vat Pasteurizers

C-Stainless vat pasteurizers are engineered for quality, longevity, and affordability.  We pay attention to details that count, from thicker inside walls to resist denting to sturdy agitators that will last for years with virtually no repairs.

Sometimes you need the efficiency of a large batch, and sometimes you need the ability to pasteurize a much smaller batch.  C-Stainless vat pasteurizers can handle batch sizes as small as 25-30% of total capacity.

Our vats are versatile.  They accommodate a wide variety of products, from milk to yogurt.  The smaller sizes can be customized to double as cheese vats, saving you the expense of extra equipment.


  • Triple-wall, pressure-jacket construction for uniform and efficient heating and cooling
  • Gentle and effective sweep agitation
  • PMO-compliant
  • Special 50 and 100 gal. models available that fit through a 36" door


  • Anderson AJ-300 digital pasteurization control/recorder
  • Leak detect outlet valve
  • Air space heater


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