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C-Stainless cheese vats are designed for maximum output and usability. We care about details that make your life easier, such as sloped upper sidewalls for leaning into the vat. The agitators can be easily removed without tools, and the rectangular vat makes it easy to work with the finished curds and slabs of cheese.

We use heavy-duty 10-gauge stainless steel on our larger vats, and 12-gauge stainless on our 500 lb. and 1,000 lb. vats. Most competing vats are made with lighter stainless (12-, 14-, or even 16-gauge), which is more likely to dent and become distorted during normal use. You can easily see the difference by comparing shipping weights – our vats weigh up to 15% more.

The agitator system is designed to handle curds gently, reducing curd fines and cutting butterfat losses up to 75%. The overlapping agitators suck the curds from the corners of the vat for complete agitation.

Our vats are used by award-winning artisan cheese makers across the country. For more information, check out our brochure below.


  • Gentle agitation reduces butterfat losses up to 75%
  • Stationary, overlapping agitator system for thorough agitation, including in the corners of the vat
  • Pressure wall with dimple jacket for efficient heating and cooling
  • Quick disconnect on agitator drive shaft
  • 500 lb. - 10,000 lb. models available


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