Combo Cheese Vat/Pasteurizer

Combo Cheese Vat/Pasteurizer

Combo Cheese Vat/Pasteurizer

A C-Stainless combo vat reduces your equipment cost by combining a cheese vat and a vat pasteurizer into one unit.  It also takes up less space than two pieces of equipment. The combo vat meets all PMO requirements for pasteurization.

Once pasteurization is done, the lid and agitators can be easily removed without tools. Sloped upper sidewalls and a rectangular shape make it easy to work with the finished curds and the slabs of cheese.

The agitator system is designed to handle curds gently, reducing curd fines and cutting butterfat losses up to 75%. The overlapping agitators suck the curds from the corners of the vat for complete agitation.


  • PMO-compliant
  • Pressure wall with dimple jacket for efficient heating and cooling
  • Gentle agitation reduces butterfat losses up to 75%
  • Stationary, overlapping agitator system for thorough agitation, including in the corners of the vat
  • Quick disconnect on agitator drive shaft


  • 2-inch close coupled leak detect valve
  • Anderson AJ-300 digital pasteurization control/recorder
  • Air space heater
  • Variable speed agitators (0-30 rpm)


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