Yogurt Cup Filler

Cup filler machine

The C-Stainless yogurt cup filler automates the complete filling process, including adding a foil seal. It handles sizes up to 1 quart, and optionally supports fruit on the bottom yogurt. The filler can be upgraded to handle multiple cup sizes.

A touchscreen control allows you to set up to 10 preset filling configurations to easily switch between different types of yogurt.


  • Handles the entire filling, sealing, and (optional) overlid process
  • Designed to allow quick changing between cup sizes
  • Cup counter counts the number of cups in each batch, the number produced for the day, and the number produced in the filler’s lifetime
  • Constructed from 304 stainless steel, with #4 and bead-blasted finish


  • Overlid applicator
  • Fruit-on-the-bottom
  • Conveyor system
  • Multiple cup sizes
  • Missing cup detector to automatically compensate if the filler fails to dispense a cup
  • Missing foil seal detector to stop the filler if it fails to seal a cup
  • Level control to automatically refill the reservoir


Yogurt Cups

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