COP wash vat

COP wash vats in use

The C-Stainless COP wash vat saves you from hand-washing all your small equipment.  It can handle cream separator parts, filler parts, tank fittings, cheese molds, and more. The vat uses a pump to circulate wash water, drawing it out of the vat and reinjecting it through a spray rail, creating strong turbulence in the water that cleans the parts in the vat.

An optional CIP upgrade kit diverts the water to wash larger equipment and pipelines in-place, providing an inexpensive CIP solution for smaller plants. ("COP" stands for "clean out of place" and "CIP" stands for "clean in place." This refers to whether or not equipment needs to be disassembled and moved in order to clean it.)


  • Can be customized to your size requirements
  • Standard size holds 100 gallons
  • Robust spray rail for effective COP action
  • Drain sump for quick and thorough pump-out
  • Strainer in sump
  • Quality, 12-gauge stainless steel construction


  • CIP kit
  • Heating jacket
  • Shell-and-tube heat exchanger
  • Auto-drain
  • Baskets for holding small parts while washing
  • Can be connected to an automated plant control system


Watch our video on COP/CIP vats.

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